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$37.53 by 3DMichael
Drop your phone in for a little extra ooomph for your tunes, you can also lie it down for a directional speaker effect. Room for the charger con...
$12.00 by J-one974
iAmp 5 is design to improve the sound of your iPhone 5.
$15.75 by Gromfrog
Do you want your iPad mini to be louder? Well now you can make it louder with the iPad Mini iAmp. http://gromfrog.com
$12.00 by J-one974
iAmp 5 is design to improve the sound of your iPhone 4&4s.
$68.81 by ghill556
A great way to finally listen to music and watch videos on your iPhone, even with it's OtterBox Case on. Anytime, Anywhere. Utilizes acoustically-s...
$20.00 by Ammnra
Assembly Video MHS compatible crystal chamber featuring a rotating, double-helix, “energy amplifier” for integration into custom lightsabers. T...
$3.90 by Gromfrog
REDUCED: We have reduced all prices while we are featured on the Shapeways home page. A simple little adapter that fits in to the lightning connec...
$17.58 by dtistudio
Project your iPad3 sound forward with this unique Double Stack Amplifier speaker. Simple slide the speaker over the top of the iPad and listen as t...
$27.94 by IronAwe
This is the bottom half of the Multiwii Pro 2 flight controller case.
$23.00 by Twopounder
28mm scale heavy machine gun. This set of 5 machine guns come with large box magazines. Perfect for making your model fire on the go. Optics not in...