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$9.48 by stop4stuff
Rings & Tubes Dreidel. This Dreidel or Teetotum has the panels embosed with the Hebrew letters נ (Nun), ג (Gimel), ה (Hey) & ש (Shin). The dre...
$181.50 by BAdesign
A classic Dreidel with a 3D twist. Beautiful to look at and spins great.
$6.25 by ppoz
6-sided spinner for the game "toma todo" aka "put and take." Sides are labeled in Spanish. P1 = pon 1, P2 = pon 2, Todos Ponen, T1 = toma 1, T2 = ...
$7.50 by ppoz
8-sided top for the game "put and take." P1 = put 1, P2 = put 2, P3 = put 3, AP = all put, T1 = take 1, T2 = take 2, T3 = take 3, TA = take all.
$5.25 by ppoz
6-sided "put and take" top with a rounded bottom. Game abbreviations: P1 = put 1, P2 = put 2, AP = all put, T1 = take 1, T2 = take 2, TA = take all.
$4.50 by ppoz
Dreidel with unlabeled sides, ideal for customizing your own 4-sided top.
$4.50 by ppoz
Dreidel with sides labeled Nun, Hay, Shin, Gimel.
$4.75 by ppoz
Larger dreidel with bullet-shaped point.
$4.75 by ppoz
Blank 4-sided top that can be labeled as a dreidel or D4 die.
$8.25 by ppoz
Unlabeled 8-sided spinner with a unique umbrella shape. Can be used as a D8 die, or labeled with options for the game "put and take" or "toma todo."