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$32.16 by kakle
This ring has "art" inscribed on it in Morse code via holes .-.-. - Created as a reminder to always keep going toward the dream of art. Can ea...
$9.50 by edrice
Cloud themed ring! In size 9 Us. White strong and flexible, or silver or the best options for this model.
$15.63 by amberbouley
Can be used as a keychain, decoration, or even a pendent. Prints beautifully.
$50.05 by jedimastersoda
A Lego version of the briefcase from Inception. The model is slightly bigger from the regular lego briefcase in order to fit the "machine inserts",...
$12.85 by jedimastersoda
A Lego version of the briefcase and dream machine from Inception. The briefcase is slightly larger and more detailed than the regular Lego briefcas...
$56.87 by CorianderShea
Digitally sketched by yours truly. Created during EMG's Sketchfest: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/
$67.73 by danoriley
Stylized dreamcatcher, meant to be strung on a necklace.
$14.94 by Brian_Richardson
Each chain link is free to move on its own. It is very light weight and seemingly delicate. Successfully printed in WSF.
$25.69 by Salokannel
Hipster's dream Alone on the deck smoking pipe. Fog and smoke makes a dizzy feeling... a bit cold, but proud. You hear the most beautiful song ever...