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Not For Sale by magbhitu
Viking ship prow inspired
Not For Sale by Hieron
Quick sketch of a dragons head, done in Zbrush to try 3D printing. Seriously needs a new topology flow etc :) Coming to think of it, I will probab...
Not For Sale by Hieron
Same as the other, but hollowed out for opaque prints.
$28.93 by EAZYAtelier
Dragon, is a mythical creature which the Oriental society believes that it is a symbol of auspiciousness and good fortune. Dragon Sigillaire "Font"...
Not For Sale by Orin
Tomakatei the dragon. This is the first time I free modelled since I was 17. Why did I stop?! This reminded me why I enjoy 3D stuff.
$36.66 by palacita
$12.06 by ammoniteA565
blue dragon
$33.72 by ChrisArtscapes
A dragon I made to test my skills
$5.09 by dradcliffe09
Used by goblins in the underdark, this is the result of hundreds of years of breeding and evolution. Goblin hounds sense their prey by sound, then...
Not For Sale by EKELSO
Top half of a dragon head