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$46.08 by quadframe
Make your own Donuts ;) or Oponki ;)
$25.83 by unellenu
'Donut twist' small sculpture : torus form with whirling lines. The unellenu store on shapeways - for designer objects, fractal art, sculpture...
$43.13 by ualrkids
D for Donut
$3.52 by GacaTan
Pendant of 2 cats entwined for life. For cat lovers.
$9.99 by Magic
Half Moebius TorusSee this post for more information.Necklace and marbles are not included.Be careful: if you use metal, you will have to force to ...
$36.53 by Mstyle183
We all have heard of the Kennedys in United States.. Well meet the mayor of Toronto, Canada!! This guy ...
$19.90 by Magic
A ball trapped into a torus with 6 lateral holes.