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$20.76 by raoul.rubio
Inspired by Desk Dock for iPhone 5 / 5S I designed a mountable cradle, also for iPhone 5 / 5S. This "floating" cradle is actually designed for my...
$43.76 by MartijnvanW
iPhone dock for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
$41.71 by moloko
The perfect stand for iPad is more than it reveals at a first glance: by adding your original dock-cable it becomes an elegant yet durable docking ...
$35.10 by KYDesigns
This is an Apple IPhone 4 charging dock. Integrate your existing apple charging cable directly onto this dock.
$138.95 by jshaper
Final Dimensions in millimeters: 123.4 mm wide 25.4 mm tall 76.2 mm deep
$24.53 by flip_ideas
Elegant Iphone 5 dock. Clean and simple geometry with mic and speaker underneath. Solid footing profile
$17.84 by RemivanOers
REMOTE DOCKA tiny and elegant dock to store the beautifully designed Apple Remote. The Apple Remote is a very nice product. It looks stunning and i...
$19.12 by LittleIdeas
Simple iPhone support. Easy to place and move. Use sticker to place it wherever you want (sold separately)
$20.54 by RemivanOers
NANO DOCK:Dock your iPod Nano 6G and give it a spot on your desk, cabinet or nightstand. The Nano dock holds, syncs and charges your iPod Nano to p...
Not For Sale by johnwys
A squishy iPhone Dock, with features to hold the sync-cable in place. Soft material won't scratch phone, and elasticity holds the sync cable in pl...