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$35.40 by Isyutaru
A ring having to do with yin yang and the eight trigrams.
$15.18 by VectorBoy
Dharma Initiative and Weighted Companion Cube meet to form a wonderful set of cufflinks.Please note that you must buy two for a complete set.
$12.98 by GeomatrixStudio
This pendant is known as a ‘Dharmachakra’, it represents • Right beliefs • Right aspirations • Right speech • Right conduct • Right l...
$11.72 by remedios
Twelve Dharma wheels with eight spokes and ashoka stars in the hubs make up this ring. The spokes of the dharma wheels are wrapped with two sets of...
$9.90 by noesis
A unique I Ching coin style pendant. Similar to the one I designed based on the Dharma Initiative logo from Lost, but a little more "classic" I Ch...