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Not For Sale by Koiichi
A minimalistic stand for your Ipod Touch
$23.95 by sterndevon
Open box for organizing your desk stuff.
$25.69 by Vastad
I have a custom-designed L-shaped desk for my dual monitor AutoDesk Inventor set-up. I had the carpenter drill a hole for my cabling in the outer ...
$10.46 by Mezmera
Show off your business cards with this business card stand for your desk. It is precisely balanced - can you take out a card without disturbing the...
$38.16 by FunkyBunnies
For centuries, one of man's most sought after game birds has been the wild turkey. Some less fortunate sub-species have been hunted to extinction,...
$20.00 by m_sill
Designed to sit on monitors, desks, books, windows, and anything with a 90* angle! Let this little Robo-01 liven up your work area or dorm room. C...
$4.73 by jordanbanks
Leonardo DA Vici was an amazing artist and inventor; this is inspired by his famous flying machine which inspired the helicopter today. This is a p...
$15.43 by shariff
A remeasured and updated concept styled toy car with spinning wheels and working suspension. Just simply buy and fit parts together.
$52.24 by arch2525
$7.72 by d4rkl1gh7
'Frame' representation of hypercube. As a pure representation, it's suitable for anything from a pendant, to a desk toy.