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Not For Sale by Dav238
Not For Sale by DavidLouis
A customisable small scale knuckle duster to hang on your keyring or neck chain.
$5.22 by Class2d2009
Key fob modelled in Pro/Engineer
$2.21 by Class2d2009
Ring modelled in Pro/Engineer
Not For Sale by JewishKell
This is a Jewish Star. It was designed in 3ds max.
Not For Sale by Ya1ron
Flat pendant that depicts Menorah, Walls of Zion and magen David at the same time.
$4.09 by Jakelton
This is the tip of the sonic. Choose white to be able to paint yours blue. (Purple is VERY similar pics to come)
$13.74 by Jakelton
This is the piece that goes on the back end before the "Cap"
$11.64 by Jakelton
This is the rear cap of the screwdriver
$6.74 by Jakelton
This is the front piece of the screwdriver