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$15.46 by edrice
Exterminate! Express the Dalek supremacy with this ring.
$23.17 by mught
Stainless steel or silver tie clip inspired on the TV series "Doctor Who".
$16.79 by dynath
This is the 16th regeneration of my Dalek model. Its been designed as printable in WSF, FD, and FUD though it might also print in WD. The dalek her...
Not For Sale by aegidian
3 piece characters, designed to fit with standard construction blocks ('legos').
$31.20 by dynath
A 3 Dalek cadre of standard Daleks. Commonly seen in doctor who episodes working as a single fire team or as general drones serving the will of th...
$33.28 by dynath
A 3 Dalek cadre including 2 standard daleks and 1 special weapons dalek. Seen in doctor who episodes depicting the dalek civil war the 2 standard ...
$10.60 by Miracombe
$25.00 by Baalrog
$8.23 by Wearhouse
$31.34 by dynath
A 3 Dalek cadre including a Dalek Supreme and his support staff. Only briefly seen in the new series the Dalek Supreme acts as field commander for...