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$34.95 by japhyr
Heart Dipping Dish This is a dish for dipping bread in olive oil. Fill the dish with enough olive oil to cover the heart, and then add balsamic vi...
$25.90 by Magic
The Dod'net is a network of 64 interlocked dodecahedra. The thickness of the edges is 1 mm. SUCCESSFULLY PRINTED.More informations in this post.
$63.95 by GADesign
Make your girl happy, give her some nice geometric jewelry ! Inspired by : Escher
$30.00 by arthurditlef
ARTIFICIAL NATURE SERIES Inspired by Nature, with an artificial twist.
Not For Sale by kspaho
Designed by Marieka Ratsma in cooperation with Kostika Spaho, photography Thomas van Schaik. The idea for this shoe highlights the aesthetics and ...
$63.17 by mauriciodgsantos
$22.64 by archenemy76
If you would like to order the Triangulated Cuff in size Small for Polished Alumide, please order from this product page only (the original model ...
$61.06 by GADesign
My girl thought it looked like an angel so here it is : The Angel with a Big Heart Pendant.
$127.33 by GADesign
This beautiful pendant design has both inner and outer spirals, and together they represent the shape of a teardrop filled with DNA. Premium Silve...
$50.00 by elaverr
Trillium: Modular Organic System #3 Trillium is a modular building set. Individual elements snap-fit together in a variety of ways to create jew...