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$46.56 by Temppu
Ten six-sided dice with two side marked with symbol of toughness and resiliency. Found it on internet, supposedly an african symbol. Intented use a...
$13.60 by primaryartemis
Role the dice, and maybe gladous will let you live this time (This one is slightly bigger and not hollow, hence the cost difference)
$5.99 by Fingers
A hollow die that rolls well. Each face is a circle, connected to the other faces by a spherical surface. Prints out nice and crisp.
$5.89 by friz
An isohedral D6 based on a rhombic hexahedron. Hollow version, wall thickness 1.4 mm, maximum length 35 mm.
$7.13 by loganalltogether
This is my version of a die based on the Weighted Companion Cube. It is sized as a standard 16mm die. The numbers are engraved into the hearts, w...
$18.20 by Wakizashi89
Three pairs of D6. Every pair has its own font.
$13.41 by Dogeatdog6
Open face D6
$11.95 by WillLaPuerta
The numbers are under trapdoors until you flip them around to see.
$73.86 by WillLaPuerta
Dice made from interwoven loops with the numbers nestled inside. Large enough to print in steel.
$56.33 by WillLaPuerta
Dice made from interwoven lops with the numbers nestled inside.