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$24.69 by Flashhawk
A so called Dicecard for you purse which emulates a pair of dice. Because it has a compartment for the coins, you can us as many as you want , so i...
$6.99 by TishToshTesh
Three sided D3 die, with nice, sizable numbers.
$3.50 by ppoz
3-sided die based on a cube with filleted edges. See also numbered version.
$3.75 by ppoz
D3 based on the shape of a cube whose edges have been filleted.
$9.99 by mctrivia
Part of the Prime Dice Set
$11.99 by mctrivia
Part of the Solid Prime Dice Set
$11.99 by mctrivia
Gives the same results as throwing 2 D3s
$35.90 by Magic
Warning: the picture shows a D9 but it is a D7 that is included in this set! Expansion Pack for DCC fans, including 6 dice: D3, D5, D7, D14, D16 an...
$5.50 by AnachronGames
$4.92 by noctumsolis
The kite d3 dances on the tabletop, its sides flashing by as it revolves. Soon it comes to rest on a long side, one short side facing skyward and d...