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Not For Sale by SirisC
Version 2 has steeper angles allowing easier reading of final result.
$19.99 by mctrivia
This is a shadow of a 4 dimensional D24 Die. The shape is called a hyper cube. It is made up of 8 equally sized cubes with each face of each cube...
$7.50 by ppoz
This is a 24-sided die with triangular faces, aka tetrakis hexahedron. I also a sell a 24-sided die with kite faces (deltoids).
$5.50 by ppoz
This is a 24-sided die in the shape of a deltoidal icositetrahedron. I also sell a D24 with triangular faces (tetrakis hexahedron).
$35.43 by SirisC
Contains a d24 (dyakis dodecahedron), d4 (star sphericon), and 2 d2s (dual sphericon and star dual sphericon).
$4.75 by ppoz
24-sided die in the shape of a diakis dodecahedron, a dodecahedron whose 12 pentagonal faces have been split into a pair of irregular quadrilateral...
$3.50 by ppoz
24-sided die in the shape of a triakis octahedron, an octahedron whose 8 faces have each been split into three triangular faces. Because this is an...
$8.11 by Magic
BREAKING NEWS:You'd like to see the D5, D9, D11, D16 and D24 mass-produced? It's up to you! Please, visit this Kickstarter project! D24 SphereThis ...
$26.99 by mctrivia
3 dice that when rolled will give you a time of day. Gives you a time accurate to a minute.
$35.90 by Magic
This is Shapeways community member Henryseg's solution of D24 numbering with all group of 4 numbers summing to 50. Moreover the faces aro...