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$8.49 by CornerstoneGamer
A nice functional 22-sided die in the form of a hollow regular dipyramid. Looks good and rolls well, with an appealing motion unique to this kind o...
$6.99 by CornerstoneGamer
$6.75 by ppoz
A 22-sided polyhedral die with pentagonal and hexagonal faces. Because the faces have different shapes, this solid does not make for perfectly fai...
$9.99 by mctrivia
$9.99 by mctrivia
$8.19 by Magic
Alt D22 SphereThis is an alternative Truncated Sphere D22. It has the same symmetries as the tetrahedron. See the D22 with 5-fold symmetry for numb...
$5.75 by ppoz
22-sided die with pentagonal and hexagonal faces. Opposite faces are parallel. A also sell a numbered version of this dice shape.
$5.50 by ppoz
22-sided dice labeled 1 through 22. Opposite sides are parallel with numbers that sum to 23. I also sell a blank version of this dice shape.
$9.39 by Magic
A mass-produced version is now available for $2 at Impact! Miniatures: Visit this Kickstarter to mass produce more dice! A new version of the D2...
Not For Sale by Storm_UK
Each identical flat face is parallel to its opposite face. The die stands from bottom to top face 22mm tall, and is just over 31.4mm in length alon...