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$78.99 by mctrivia
this large 85mm diameter spherical D15 is for the true Math geek. Numbered with all 15 primes of Monstrous M theory it is sure to get people talki...
$30.99 by mctrivia
simplified and slightly smaller version of the original.
$9.99 by mctrivia
Photo provided courtesy of dicecollector.com
$9.59 by Magic
Truncated Sphere D15.This die is inspired by the repulsive force polyhedra although in this case, the underlying polyhedron (not rounded) ...
$9.99 by mctrivia
15 sided die.
$27.90 by Magic
Warning: the picture show a D7 but it is a D9 that is included in this set! All the spherical dice with an odd number of faces from 9 to 19. Get al...
$10.00 by ppoz
A barrel/cylinder/spindle-shaped 15-sided die with rounded ends. When the die lands on a flat face, you will see an edge from above. The rolled v...