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$6.75 by ppoz
A blank 14-sided die in the shape of a heptagonal antiprism. All sides are equal, so it is a fair die.
$6.50 by ppoz
14-sided die in the shape of a heptagonal antiprism. Sides labeled 1 through 14.
$5.50 by ppoz
Numbered cuboctahedron dice. The 14 sides are numbered 1 through 14, with the square faces numbered 1, 4, 7, 8, 11, and 14. Opposite sides sum to...
Not For Sale by Storm_UK
Each identical face is flat and parallel to its opposing face. From bottom to top side the die stands 18mm tall, from end to end point just over 26mm.
$35.90 by Magic
Warning: the picture shows a D9 but it is a D7 that is included in this set! Expansion Pack for DCC fans, including 6 dice: D3, D5, D7, D14, D16 an...
$8.59 by Magic
Truncated Sphere D14 based on a cuboctahedron.Numbered from 1 to 7 twice.A D14 numbered from 1 to 14 is also available.This a new version with a be...
$8.48 by Magic
A mass-produced version is now available for $2 at Impact! Miniatures: Visit this Kickstarter to mass produce more dice! Truncated Sphere D14 bas...
$8.59 by Magic
Truncated Sphere D14 based on a cuboctahedron.Labelled from "Mon" to "Sun" twice.This a new version with a better engraving and a new orientation t...
$3.29 by HillyOTM
A very pointy D6. Try not to leave these on the floor! Great for almost any board game. Unfortunately due to the way shapeways works, the intend...
$5.25 by ppoz
This 14-sided die is based on the shape of a cuboctahedron, but the 8 equilateral triangle faces have been replaced with hexagons. Each hexagonal ...


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