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$5.94 by avandius
Interlocking gears in a steampunk theme. This standard sized gear d00 will keep your game turning (figuratively speaking, they do not actually turn...
$6.32 by avandius
This is a hollow percentile die modeled in a Steampunk theme. 
$6.42 by avandius
We all love to slay dragons! Show it off by using this standard sized d00 crafted from the bones and scales of the latest kill.
$6.08 by avandius
This is a d00, percentile, modeled after the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter. The Black Strong & Flexible set (red background) was hand-painted ...
$5.96 by avandius
Take the traditional Jacks game to a whole new level. This standard sized Jack d00 feels amazing in your hand and rolls even better.