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$9.72 by PatrickIV
$11.99 by ID_Johnathan
The first of the BittyBots to rise from the fabrication vats, the AH-1 MK1 is ready to serve its owner at whatever task is needed. The AH-1 is the ...
$18.06 by robotgizmo
This cyclops diesel, steam punk bot is a new idea... ok, it was a happy accident... however this new series of Clops steampunk, dieselpunk robots s...
$15.19 by robotgizmo
This one is a bit different... let's see if this one prints.
$21.78 by robotgizmo
This low jaw, tank bot, crusher bot is a diesel, steam punk robot. This is within my series of cyclops steampunk, dieselpunk robots... a directio...
$10.09 by GeoCollier
I developed this character when I started posting short Blender animations on youtube. They became "Cyclops Productions", although most of them ha...
$17.43 by WillLaPuerta
Oh, Sciclops, I know you love that sci-fi franchise, but why did you spend the extra money to see the movie in 3d?
$63.13 by WillLaPuerta
Second batch of 2" Monsters. Includes Grimlet (A wee little, under-grown Grim.), Nessie (The Loch Ness Monster in a jaunty hat.), Iris (Who may not...