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$28.58 by HydraulicDruid
The first thing I uploaded to Shapeways. It's quite a fun little shape to fiddle with or to put on a shelf. Original description as follows: A sor...
Not For Sale by 32Q2
Topologically the same as the well known non-orientable surface, but embedded so the edge is a flat circle.
$33.53 by 32Q2
$3.98 by Evanlw85
A curved rose inspired pendant, originally created as a gift for my sister. A loop for a necklace chain is on the rear side. Perfect as a metal pri...
$11.20 by Lucas79
A stylish curved vase
$16.18 by claudiadp
Check this ring with a nice geometric, curved design. The circumference measure of your finger should be at most 55 mm for the ring to fit. If yo...
$100.00 by Alharith
Two torus infused together like two lovers, great as a gift to celibate love.
$90.00 by Alharith
Chubby and Yummi torus ;)
$40.89 by JoeLin
Curved Pendant for wearing it around the neck. This Pendant can be worn short or long with differnet type of chains or cords. Also in other materi...
$30.00 by ViktorLambov
Fake Bowl I think this models best fits a ceramic material, but of course you can experiment with other materials. This model has four holes , and ...