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$56.71 by Grotesque
$13.86 by eyalww
Complicated thing
$40.41 by 2d3dme.com
This is a unique take on the hypercube, meshed and subdivided using the Catmull Clark method and turned into a 3D webbing skeleton hypercube. This...
$36.09 by richardsouthwell
An intricate cuboid with a hollow interior and highly detailed surface.
$62.30 by richardsouthwell
An intricate three dimensional array of cubes reminiscent of the labyrinths considered by Jorge Luis Borges.
$34.87 by richardsouthwell
A highly intricate arrangement of cubes that form a concave fractal.
$49.15 by richardsouthwell
An intricate cube resembling Swiss cheese.
$38.24 by richardsouthwell
A fractal cube pattern with faces approximately ``x-shaped''.
$40.55 by richardsouthwell
An complex crystalline structure thats intricate array of curling arms leads to a shape reminiscent of a snow flake.
$22.47 by richardsouthwell
A complex fractal pattern of nested blossomings which forms a fascinating cuboid shape.