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Weighted Companion Cube
$13.60 by primaryartemis
Role the dice, and maybe gladous will let you live this time (This one is slightly bigger and not hollow, hence the cost difference)
$7.13 by loganalltogether
This is my version of a die based on the Weighted Companion Cube. It is sized as a standard 16mm die. The numbers are engraved into the hearts, w...
$42.00 by Baalrog
1mm walls. Larger than color version but you'll need to paint this yourself or leave it plain.
$9.15 by johan.beukes
Keychain screwdriver
$9.27 by johan.beukes
keychain screwdriver
$31.42 by HMPoweredMan
$5.45 by mu3d93
Do you know the Companion cube? Well this is the companion dice!
$14.54 by phil1311
companion cube from Portal