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Not For Sale by pzich
Simple cog test, experimenting with different polygon additions and subtractions.
Not For Sale by kai
Automatica's gear logo
$39.44 by smbooth
Drive sprocket for Durst CE1000
$30.02 by Maundy
This is the same as the other model: Clockwork iPhone Case except in this version the cogs are detached meaning after placing the 5 included cogs i...
$3.37 by Maundy
This is just a replacement cog wheel for the Clockwork iPhone 4/4S Case with Moving Cogs. Great for adding extra color to the case by buying cog wh...
$3.25 by bigbadwulf
$6.19 by BitsBlitz
Smaller buzz saw wheel, 1.5cm diameter (including teeth). Ideal for conversions and what not.
$28.45 by baltimore
sw imperial cog ring
$10.89 by Pegmis
Cog Buttons for Steam Punk Cloths
Not For Sale by HyperForm
Brain gear. It's a small brain gear gadget with less than a millimeter space between the parts, so the parts shouldn't wobble too much. I have not ...