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$4.31 by iaposner
Clothing or shirt clip for my Apple EarPods.
$18.00 by ppoz
You may have seen them in craft stores or on children's clothing. The 9 holes allow you to create letters and numbers with the thread as you sew t...
$9.50 by ppoz
3-hole buttons with embossed clover leaf design. Set of 16, each button is 1.3 cm across.See Sample Pack for all my button designs.
$5.02 by tracycoyle
$3.50 by weavingmajor
$5.75 by weavingmajor
$7.00 by weavingmajor
Rim-shaped button with 24 holes along the edge, to be strung like a bicycle wheel (or tennis racket... or whatever your heart desires and your fing...
$8.76 by lensman
Yep, it's a diamond pendant. If you have no idea what it is then ask your teenager... Available in a multitude of materials and colours.
$74.12 by FabMeJewelry
                                  Beautiful Collar design ...