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$11.00 by multihawk
A formidable truck that has many uses in the civilian sector as well as applications within the military infrastructure. It can be modified to carr...
$23.02 by StephenMoore
There is a certain weight and balance to living, the pull between liberty and control, wild and tame. Foxes walk that line. These small sculptures ...
$305.94 by aeron203
A few city blocks, modeled in Wings3D. Not currently available in color. Learn more at this forum post:  http://www.shapeways.com/forum/index...
$12.40 by AndersHansen
Oslo Ceramic Coaster No.1 of 6Set of 6 Cermic Coasters, produced and available through Shapeways. This project started with my fascination for...
$123.92 by dgunn
Ciudad Del Futuro
$270.00 by GothamSmith
This is part 2 of the two part Gotham Skyline Pendant, the outline of the sky. You don't have to buy the buildings, but we'd suggest it. Chain sold...
$15.46 by alaswadi
Brooklyn in da house! Pendant only, necklace not included.
$150.00 by GothamSmith
This is part 1 of the two part Gotham Skyline Pendant. You don't have to buy the sky, but we'd suggest it. (Chain sold separately)
$22.76 by ErikG
This iPhone 5 case has a semi open back side. Because of the contrast between the open and the closed back you will see a city skyline. The case wi...