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$28.63 by BrianH
For more information/changelog, go to: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1476571
$27.25 by entropygun
Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/iGZ90eOJduF
$28.79 by BrianH
Latest revision of the Andraxis project! For more information, news, pictures and updates, see the official XDA developers discussion thread: htt...
$37.53 by 3DMichael
Drop your phone in for a little extra ooomph for your tunes, you can also lie it down for a directional speaker effect. Room for the charger con...
$19.30 by hlbrosnihan
Meet PLUR Cat. The spread of love and joy. With a built in stamper bottom, portable to go. Spreed Plur! Great cell phone charm or bracelet! Meow!!
$2.00 by raelx
If you wear Levi's Jeans and keep you phone in your right pocket I'm sure you have the feeling that you are going to scratch your screen on the wat...
$3.04 by kaints
A simple little cute infected apple for your cellphone ( keychain - keyring )
$38.99 by Verneri
Stylish design coupled with added functionality. Phone sits nicely in portrait and landscape orientations. In portrait orientation sound from phone...