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$7.97 by swid
$6.23 by swid
Not For Sale by infestacool
A replacement token for the robber when playing The Settlers of Catan.
$18.00 by dr.tek
These are Hollow versions of the pieces required for a single player of Settlers of Catan or similar game. Includes 15 Roads, 5 Settlements, and 4 ...
$17.00 by dr.tek
Looking for variety in your Settlers of Catan or similar game pieces, This set has Barn/Silo-like Cities. Includes 5 settlements, 15 roads, and 4 c...
$14.00 by dr.tek
Update your Settlers of Catan board or similar game with Castles & Teepees. Includes 15 Roads, 5 Teepees (Settlements), and 4 Castles (Cities)
$23.54 by Smartzkid
An interlocking hex tile for board games. Well suited for the game "Settlers of Catan."
Not For Sale by Postpremutos
These houses and monuments will be part of my compatible catan pieces proyect ``Ancient Civilizations; Cities & settlements´´. See more on: htt...
$43.01 by KenAndrews
This is a set of 12 assorted docks / ports / harbours for boardgames that can use such. Settlers of Catan is one such. They're each 40 MM (1.6 in...
$10.88 by NovastarDesign
Dice-Cage is a fun and clever dice-device, which can contain several regular dice (size 16mm). A lot of board-games like Catan, Monopoly or Backga...