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$4.03 by Shadocko
This Lego-compatible planet gear carrier is a companion to my 40-teeth ring gear. It allows for many configurations of epicyclic gearings: 8-teeth...
$13.67 by PeterFox
Torus fleet carrier. This ship is similar in size to the Torus Battleship, except it is a little thinner. The rear hollow is part filled with a han...
$7.56 by PeterFox
Light carrier of the torus fleet. This ship is about the same size as the Torus Heavy Cruiser, but with most of the rear hollow filled with a hange...
$13.59 by PeterFox
A pair of torus light carriers linked to cut the average price slightly
$16.65 by matt_atknsn
$15.50 by matt_atknsn
Not For Sale by PeterFox
The Hrotti light carrier is intended to fit into my Norse Full Thrust fleet. The core of which is composed of models from Ground Zero Games Scanfe...
$24.49 by BitsBlitz
The Martinet Light Cruiser has been the backbone of many fleets in the sector. Able to carry vast amounts of fighter craft and bombers, the Martine...
Not For Sale by matt_atknsn