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$6.99 by OtsegoDoom
A pendant featuring the bee from the TV hit, Breaking Bad. This bee symbol was featured prominently on the chemical barrels in the background of t...
$25.42 by chosetec
Dragonfly sculpture, non-articulated. I am creating a series of smaller, non-articulated sculptures for the finer metal and plastics available in S...
Not For Sale by Smelz
A big creepy bug (originally meant to be a dust mite)
Not For Sale by mlsteele
Cute bug designed in Blender.
$95.00 by returnofthecicadas
This life-sized cicada in Polished Bronze Steel or Raw Brass features solid wings, slightly up-turned, evoking that 'ready for take-off' feeling. ...
$6.21 by tomatohead
Spider web design by Andrew van Ees, tomatohead, on shapeways
$45.48 by vandusbp
Alien Creature, best in strong white and flexible - polished.
$2.62 by tomatohead
Dragonfly Earring
$61.16 by artfulshrapnel
A winged centipede from an in-development RPG called "ireta". In the real (fake) world, they are up to 50 meters long and can destroy sailing ships...
$14.36 by artfulshrapnel
You Stay. No following. Fungi from Yuggoth, from the Cthulhu Mythos. Buglike aliens that fly about abducting people.