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$40.41 by wasco
Mythical Creature
$23.56 by TerraCotta
The powerful, chiseled features of the bison, or American buffalo, evoke strength and nobility in this finely detailed bison pendant. Available in...
$64.04 by echoCat64
A model of a Cape Buffalo. Black strong and flexible material shown.
$14.71 by andrei_socivoi
Open source pendants ??? :)) 2 Dragons and 1 Buffalo
$60.18 by Yaell7
$3.00 by Echoco
Represents both F2A-1 and -3 variant. rescaled model to correct size (slightly bigger).
$2.99 by Echoco
Trim off rear wheel for US Navy F2A-2 otherwise mini represent export model 239/339. rescaled the models to correct size (slightly bigger).
$16.53 by EricsStudio
$20.69 by LuraSDesign
A classic Bison Skull for a pendant or as a Keyring Charm. This beautiful Buffalo Skull has 4mm holes through the eyes that also fit thicker neck...
$1,000.00 by RareBreed
Charging rhinoceros sculpture by ©2012-2014 RareBreed. Large ancient rhinoceros, resembling a prehistoric unicorn. About one foot in length includ...