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$22.03 by glyphobet
This is a three-dimensional Union Jack.After some light sanding the parts will fit together very snugly, without any need for glue.I've colored thi...
$22.00 by yuunagi_dameya
This is the 1/144 scale model of the tank used in the British army during World War II. This model is a sectional kit. Please assemble it in refere...
$11.55 by Tetriswizard96
Basically a model of the British Mark V from World War 1
$14.91 by Freakazoitt
x3 models of Mark IV female tanks for 6mm scale WW1 wargames. Great Britain, 1917-1918. Armed with Lewis machine guns.
$16.83 by Freakazoitt
World War 1 tank Mk.IV Male. x3 pieces. Produced and used by Britain in 1917-1918. Scale 1/300 - for 6mm tabletop wargames.
Not For Sale by Freakazoitt
TEST MODEL. 3 additional disk magazies
$25.02 by MastersofMilitary
The 65ton FV214 Conqueror MBT was the heaviest of all british Tanks in service. With his huge 120mm Gun, heavy armor it was a formidable opponent a...