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$390.01 by danbabko
With the ambition to explore knot topologies this sculpture uses a physics simulator to run a minimal surface function on a disoriented single weld...
$11.34 by bt@barrythomas.co.uk
Enneper surface (from a rectangular equation)
$13.70 by bt@barrythomas.co.uk
Drope isosurface in Rhino3D
$18.83 by bt@barrythomas.co.uk
An Enneper 'wheel' isosurface (from polar coordinates)
$34.59 by vertigopolka
This implicit surface was generated and a shell was added to the isosurface in MeshLab.Please check out all of the other implicit surfaces in my sh...
$4.68 by Joepbreuer
Dodecahedron created with 12 surfaces. Edges are 20 mm long.
$29.30 by richardsouthwell
R. Bryant's Parameterization of Boy's surface, which is topologically equivalent to the cross cap (mobius band in union with disk). Boy's surface i...
$15.98 by barshalgi9
$30.60 by xryxri_Xrysoulakis_Xristos
its a litle line face part, made of a laser scanned toy.
$15.27 by treepleks
The Batwing surface, as the Gyroid, has been discovered by Alan Schoen (NASA). Its name comes from the elementary patch that is used to build the m...