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Not For Sale by fx
This kit contains all three parts needed to build a little steamboat in 1/87th scale (HO). The parts are designed to be easily painted. The assembl...
Not For Sale by PDOmfg
Deck fittings in 1/96 for USN World War II era model destroyers. Designed from original plans and actual measurements on Fletcher and Sumner class ...
Not For Sale by KOD_Triton
this is an island made in minecraft by me and two other builders using voxelsniper, and world edit.
Not For Sale by KOD_Triton
$10.00 by ShawnMoghadam
Spaceship FBSS-1. This design was done with a little help from my buddies on Facebook. Hope you like it.
$73.22 by Ioana
This piece was inspired by all the tales and legends of great voyages across the Seven Seas. The long boat bounces along the giant waves driven by...
$72.77 by opresco
«TRANSILVANIA» REMEMBERED • One of several studies I made in preparation for a monumental project (on a much larger scale) entitled: «TRANSILV...
$19.99 by poikilotherm
Korai period battleship? take the battleship in the age of empire as reference, blending with root carving style.
$3.64 by Atropos907
A vortex craft designed to compact sufficiently for vortex travel, and then deploy to a combat role projecting power throughout the galactic vortex...
$21.80 by Hmbecodesign
TO COMMEMORATE THE TITANIC WE PROPOSE THIS MAGNET . Be careful it is delivered without magnet just the colored product.