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$11.00 by TreadshotA1
TFP Cliffjumper "Stranzer" Weapons Kit- The Stranzer is the ultimate in anti-'Con technology. An entire armory in one weapon, the Stranzer is suit...
$8.51 by TreadshotA1
"Focused power. The Crash Striker fires explosive energy bolts, heated to burn a large area on impact. The weapon's body is devoted to condensing e...
$9.50 by TreadshotA1
3 Blasters afar, 4 swords up close. Meet Scarlet.
$6.32 by Firelight78
A weapon designed from the collaboration of Humans and Bots a gun allowing for a scattered spray of energy blast similar to that of a humanoid shot...
$7.00 by TreadshotA1
$4.00 by TreadshotA1
$3.50 by TreadshotA1
$4.75 by TreadshotA1
$4.75 by TreadshotA1
Blaster accessory for Legion TFP Windrazor. Connects to other weapons using multiple 3mm ports on blaster.
$7.00 by TreadshotA1