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$28.01 by mechworld
This is a huge watchtower for any 6 mm scifi wargame. It will warn you against any attack.
$13.37 by KSND
$36.49 by KSND
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$31.14 by KSND
$12.15 by mechworld
This is a traditional japanese Torii with a dragon mon. It is for your new temple area on your gaming table.
$28.80 by dsherratt74
The Mastodon is a 85 assault tank developed by ComStar in 3064. Armed with a pair of RAC5s, 2 short range 4 pack missile launchers and a ...
$5.22 by dsherratt74
Upgrade pack for the Mastodon AT. Includes 2 hull mounted SRM6s and a Gauss Rifle/twin ER Laser turret barrel. Allowing you to create the thre...
$19.68 by dsherratt74
The 50 ton Pariah ACV (Air Cushion Vehicle) is a fast strike unit developed by ComStar in 3064. Its impressive load out consists of a Rotary AutoCa...
$6.65 by Carlos2k10
1/285 or 6mm mecha, compatible with miniature lines as battletech, Rogue Legion, CAV. This miniature is hollow and has been tested on White strong...