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$22.00 by BAdesign
Burning man pendant
$3.97 by freo64
Ginger bread man
$2.21 by Nick_of_Time
Peace Hand Sign as Pendant
$34.09 by Fasantana
$64.92 by rustylab
This "Pac Man" pendant is designed as a tribute to an awesome game from the 80's. It makes a great gift to yourself or to someone you really like o...
$21.52 by Dimensionals
This is a replica of the newly designed Superman insignia from the movie "Man of Steel". It can be worn as a pendant or displayed proudly on your ...
$5.99 by OtsegoDoom
A pixel art style pendant inspired by the life-saving E-Tanks from the original Mega Man series.
$12.69 by GearMan
30mm Diameter Gear Pendant. Does not come with rope, of course. Also, check out the matching cufflinks.
$175.07 by fitzysnowman
Superman pendant, inspired by the 2013 release of Man of Steel