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Not For Sale by blendroid
Inspired by the Air Nomads of Avatar, and sculpted by my madd Blender skillz.
$29.62 by GoldSwordDesigns
From the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, this is my custom White Lotus tile. It's 2 inches in diameter.
$23.70 by Luma3Dprint
A cool 52mm high model of a Halo Avatar Figure. Lots more info on this beast can be found on my website here; http://fusionweld.squarespace.com/blo...
$23.26 by lucaspurcell
This ring has four indented earth-bender symbols, all 90 degrees from each other. The ring is .5" wide (1.3 cm), .06" thick (0.15 cm), and has a in...
$5.00 by RonNofar
A miniature version of the Earth Nation Emblem from the show "Avatar the Last Airbender".
$44.01 by TheAtomicSoul
Electric Glove Fingers Set- an additional option to enhance you prop appearance! --- --- This set is intended to go with the Electric Glove Kit:...
$13.46 by badulaques
I love real life SIMulation games! That's my geek side talking right now. Do you know that green diamond that floats over the head of your avatar i...
$80.84 by draxtor
Katee is an avatar from SecondLife based on the drawing of a smart 7-year old kid. She became alive in-world in the "Flufee on a Meshion" series of...
$52.57 by echodos
The Cleaner: . . .do you sometimes feel like a toilet bowl plunger, the one who cleans up after everybody else screws up? Shown in matte black stee...
$7.00 by Andrewjoy22
Water Bender emblem from the TV show series "The Last Airbender"