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$95.53 by COVO
Product Name "Piston Head Ring".It is the ring made for those who love the car. The piston of the parts of a car was used as the motif. Default ...
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Model T Ford Runabout based off from information on a mid series (1916-1922) Model T. Engine, transmission and suspension are modeled. Some of th...
$10.00 by multihawk
An armored truck used for many jobs such as delivering supplies to ferrying injured troops back to base.
Not For Sale by sean.obrien@sector-17.com
This is a 1:48 scale model of a Toyota Corolla in the AE92 body style (produced from 1987-1992). This particular version is based on the Levin ver...
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Detail of car rim
$11.00 by multihawk
A formidable truck that has many uses in the civilian sector as well as applications within the military infrastructure. It can be modified to carr...
$4.99 by aegidian
The F1 car version of meeples. Simple, representative pieces approximately 18mm long by 10mm wide by 5mm high, that are suitable for Formula D or...
$6.50 by WelshDesigns
This is a cookie cutter shaped like a wrench. It can be used for cookies, clay, play-doh, stamping, or even just for decoration.
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$20.01 by Benny_Soehave
Renault 4 L van: Lot of four cars. These cars were common by the French, Irish and Danish postal service as well as comon amongst small private en...