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$2.40 by MMike024
Size 20 mm. If you like it ask me for your ring size. Strong visual ring.
$190.00 by ThreeForm
Mesh Armor Collar. A collaboration by ThreeForm and Larissa Zemke, this spring-mesh design is inspired by the natural triangular pattern of skin. T...
$9.92 by LordTrilobite
A viking helmet keychain based on the actual Gjermundbu helmet from Norway.
$2.46 by Spiderpudel
An Ancient Greek battle shield, modelled after the photos on this site: http://www.ancientbattlessociety.com/en/gal2%20-.html.
Not For Sale by Spiderpudel
An Etruscan helmet for minifigures. Modelled after this picture.The Etruscans were an ancient people which settled roughly the area of today's Tusc...
$5.15 by Spiderpudel
For even more protection of your Etruscan warrior use this shield. The photograph shows the material Black Detail.The Etruscans were an ancient peo...
$14.81 by Tarum
This is Undet the Lancer, a powerful Arverian equipped with tower shield, heavy armour and lance. PERFECT for you favourite RPG or WARGAME! :-) Th...
$17.68 by Shoba
Meet Jôrek Donnerkeil, Mercenary and self proclaimed Adventurer, in his full 16 Bit Voxel Glory.
$56.92 by Tofty
I present the Ring III, this model has been designed for printing in either silver, brass or bronze, but as the title suggests; Bronze was the mate...
$67.81 by Tofty
I present the Ring VIII; a single-piece version of the more complex Ring VII (coming soon). The model has been designed for printing in either silv...