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$50.00 by lensman
There was a problem printing these because they were too small, but I have resized and they should print in the selected materials now. Earrings b...
$51.78 by lensman
A design based on the Hamsa Hand found in Eastern and African history. The image is a universal sign of protection. I also have a pair of earrings ...
$15.83 by miniNature
Kirk’s Dik-Dik(Madoqua kirkii) This male has a shoulder height of 40 cm (16 in). Males are slightly smaller than females. Kirk’s Dik-Diks are t...
Not For Sale by MiniMunitions
Historic African Dagger worn on the arm
$26.46 by Hambone
Designed to fit Brian Madge's Sirdar chassis or a cut down Bandai tram chassis. For more details on the prototype read the link below: http:/...
$137.70 by Felipegarc
$29.59 by Brian_Richardson
Based off of an African tribal mask on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Intended for Bronze, Brass or Silver.
$63.78 by Felipegarc
$11.00 by YakoobaShop
The Bwa or Bwaba (plural), are an ethnic group indigenous to central Burkina Faso and Mali. Their population is approximately 300,000. They are kno...
$13.59 by YakoobaShop
The Fang is the Bantu-speaking ethnic group living in Gabon, Cameroon and Guinea. The "Ngil" was a society (as group of people) of a judicial natur...