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$14.26 by Cochrane
Switcher of Zentralbahn/SBB Bruenig, formerly of MEG and SWEG. Built in 1:150 scale for 9 mm tracks (japanese N gauge) to match Kato's Glacier Expr...
$21.44 by Cochrane
Zentralbahn/SBB Brünig Tm 172 599, formerly of MEG/SWEG, in TTm scale, i.e. 1:120 scale, running on 9 mm tracks. Designed to work with standard N ...
$80.67 by freakinhuge
Yup... I uploaded to see how much it would cost... This could get expensive...
$155.90 by Dsmaster
Gun Keyring
$55.54 by MoNercy
$15.38 by MoNercy
A 9mm hollow point ring. Classy for a night in town!
$4.97 by MoNercy
A classy ring for a night in the town.
$2.71 by Malmquist
This is 9×19mm Parabellum pendant. The size is identical to a real 9×19mm Parabellum but with a hole right thru it for a chain. Rock'n'Roll!
$40.64 by erckgillis
9mm Lantern copy from original caliber dimensions. Requires some minor fitting for vials to seat and secure without interferring with split ring. S...
$8.07 by Manukeru
Replica of the caliber 9mm bullet.