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$27.03 by LuraSDesign
The original C64 Jumpman Intro Screen for your desk. In full color and full 3D - 21cm wide and 9 cm high. more about Jumpman on Wikipedia
$32.02 by bwheeler96
These are some ultra hipster 8-Bit glasses I modeled after I was inspired by the pair I got at Comic-Con. Warning: I have not printed these yet, so...
$26.17 by pisarevg
Gadgets for game.
$42.34 by EgoAnt
Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/jfWzaRamSRi
$17.84 by HiLobster
$9.48 by drakedrake
The necklace for all the geeks out there :D The old "brick" GameBoy :P
$2.11 by Mr.Dmun
$2.30 by bsmaka
2nd variation on the Cannon for the War of the Worlds board game
$43.58 by phimestudio
Symbol of Stark family in tv show
$23.40 by akYip
Combine each other and make a board for your original board game! This model has 16 Pieces.