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Not For Sale by soxofaan
Stereographic projection of a four dimensional hypercube in three dimensional space. See http://www.dimensions-math.org for more background.
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$143.38 by seied
(A bit large but can still be worn.)
$19.01 by FLAT3D
This is what a cube looks like in 4 dimensions, probably....
$19.99 by mctrivia
It has come to my attention that though both sides of each face can be landed on they are still the same face when looking at in the 4th dimension....
$19.99 by mctrivia
This is a shadow of a 4 dimensional D24 Die. The shape is called a hyper cube. It is made up of 8 equally sized cubes with each face of each cube...
$10.99 by dBaskett
$17.18 by Bathsheba
There are six regular convex polytopes in 4D, which are analogous to the five Platonic solids in 3D. This is the second, analogous to the octahedro...
$13.95 by Ferfer93
It's a 3D projection of a 4D hypercube. The outer edges are 4mm thick, the inner ones are 2mm thick, and the diagonal edges that connect the outer...
$20.00 by ViktorLambov
This is a pigeon bird, that is from my collection of birds statures. This model is smaller than the others, but it's really good. I hope that you l...