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$3.85 by IndustrialSurrealism
- Ring size is 12- Height is 16.9 mm- No background- Thickness is 2.4 mm- Image is 45s_1F.jpg- Horizontal image tiling is 1- Vertical image tiling ...
$8.84 by lensman
45 RPM Record Insert Pendant for the TRUE music lover. Anyone who saw the image without reading this and didn't know what the heck it was just H...
$4.43 by imhavoc
45 Auto (ACP) dog tag
$23.00 by bluelinegecko
 Does your pet support the right to bear arms? Does it enjoy hunting trips and trips to the range? Then I'm sure your pet will appreciate this...
$5.75 by nathanjh13
45 RPM Record adapter for vinyl enthusiasts and retro fans!
$14.25 by Mandalorian
A .45 ACP cartridge with a 1 cm diameter hole for a key ring or a necklace.
$9.21 by Manukeru
Replica of the caliber .223 (5.56x51) bullet.
$57.27 by d4rkl1gh7
Retro 45 record player adapter necklace pendant. * Note : Design not to scale for actual vinyl records *
$19.15 by x33x
A simple spindle to use on your turntable to play old 45rpm records May need to be sized out with a drill on arrival
$8.12 by dc307
Convergent Sound 45 vinyl record spacer