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Not For Sale by joepii
Furiel in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5xnWr7CBJk
Not For Sale by pyrohmstr
made with topmod3d and exported from blender3dThis costs about $114 to printThere is a smaller and cheaper version (about $27) in my designs as well
Not For Sale by pyrohmstr
Scaled to cost about $25...a fair price methinks...
Not For Sale by pyrohmstr
made with Topmod 3d
Not For Sale by bertyhell
logo voor ikbv ikbv.be
Not For Sale by AquaticPenguin
I saw an article about shapeways on blendernation and had to look into it further. This is an old model, ressurected and refined.I'm not sure whet...
Not For Sale by DavidSmit
Big friendly giant projectwww.davidsmit.com
Not For Sale by Dalhimar
A topmod model. A outer shell made of fins with a core that twist in on itself, and cannot be touched by hand, hence the name.My first real Topmod ...
Not For Sale by Hieron
Same as the other, but hollowed out for opaque prints.
$129.08 by FabMeJewelry
Stunning pair of earrings to combine with FabGeo Necklace V2Earring hooks are not included. If you have any questions please contact us via the CO...