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$57.04 by hazy_v
News flash bitches: turrets kill! (http://www.borderlands2.com/us/)
$50.72 by hazy_v
ONE LINER! (http://www.borderlands2.com/us/) (Belts: http://www.hotbuckles.com/white-cracked-snap-on-belt-p-2300.html?gclid=CIzaucOu5LUCFZE-Mgod-HM...
$24.43 by ammoniteA565
2 Legged Mantisosaurus and 3 small 2 Legged Mantisosaurus
$13.30 by dynaster
Ring 2 of the Serenade Project
Not For Sale by hazy_v
"Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I've never tried."Oh I'm sorry, did I just Borderlands all over your FACE?! Get yourself cle...
Not For Sale by timk
$15.00 by Twopounder
Ever wonder what kind of computer you'll run into in the radiation blasted apocalypse wasteland? Probably a Valt-Tek series 2000 micro computer! Th...
$47.76 by eam0315
A remake of the knife that the Spy used in Valve's PC game; Team Fortress 2.
$29.77 by joe1029