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$8.46 by javelin98
$11.19 by javelin98
This is a set of 20 futuristic hard-shell backpacks for use with 15mm-scale infantry. Each rucksack is approximately 7mm high and 5mm wide. As an...
$12.14 by javelin98
This is a set of 20 15mm-scale infantry jetpacks, inspired by the real model currently in development by the Martin Aircraft Company (http://martin...
$13.23 by kampfflieger
AT-1 — Artillery tank (tank of artillery support) based on T-26 chassis and armed with 76.2 mm PS-3 or L-7 tank gun. Two fully armoured vehicles ...
$20.90 by Noxus_01
15/20mm scale scifi Terran aircraft
$19.73 by Lsutehall
A wargames terrain feature, this alien obelisk is 50mm square across the base, and just over 100mm tall. It is hollow with 1mm thick walls.
$8.17 by javelin98
$9.69 by javelin98
$14.37 by javelin98
This item includes 20 hard-shell backpacks, 5 railguns, 5 energy beam weapons, 5 antitank guided missile launchers, and 5 light antipersonnel morta...
$14.33 by javelin98
This item is nearly identical to the Pack-Mounted Weapons item also available on this site, but each pack has had a 2mm wide peg added to the back....