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$11.00 by SpectreVisuals
Aérospatiale Alouette III The Alouette III is a French-build light utility helicopter that was used and extensively converted by a number of natio...
$35.83 by mastachief90
Auf besonderen Wunsch gibt es die Pinzgauer auch in 1:144! !!Achtung nicht Spur N!! Es befinden sich 2 x 2achs und 2 x 3achs Pinzgauer im Set
$7.00 by SpectreVisuals
The Mercedes Benz Unimog 404S was the prime troop mover during the Portuguese Colonial Wars in Angola, Mozambique, and Guine. Uniquely the sides of...
$10.80 by jbmacek
$10.80 by jbmacek
$12.00 by SpectreVisuals
The Berliet GBC 8 had its origins in a commercial design known as the Gazelle which was developed specifically for use in North Africa. A series of...
$13.45 by jbmacek
This is an AGO C.II seaplane model, based on the version that had the Benz engine. It differs from the other AGO seaplane in that this has a two-bl...