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$14.47 by dcyale
A sleigh in 1/87 size. All it needs is Santa and some presents. Sized for HO Scale, it would be at home in many Christmas displays.The weird look...
$30.21 by TheDallesHostler
Outside of a rural grain elevator there is usually a scale with a chute for offloading grain from trucks. This HO-scale model represents a generic ...
$6.84 by dcyale
A set of 10 HO Scale chairs. There have been some problems with printing these lately, so I made the backs a little thicker. That should resolve t...
$16.02 by dcyale
This is a set of kitchen and bathroom fixtures in HO Scale,
$17.43 by dcyale
This was a print test of several different chair designs that originally has no intention of selling as a set, but I like them. You may see these ...
$9.56 by mileswestern
 Although pictured up-side down, it's an accurate model of this art deco sign: http://www.flickr.com/photos/94921703@N00/3460218539/in/se...
$11.55 by dcyale
Two dumpsters in HO Scale. Before painting I smeared on a little joint compound and let it dry, then scrapped off to smooth, then used my typical ...
$9.38 by dcyale
A bedroom set with bunk beds.
$10.09 by dcyale
A bedroom assortment with a King Bed