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$2.45 by MiniMunitions
WWI German Sub-Machine Gun
$22.35 by echo214
Goes with Newtrailer02.
$11.55 by echo214
This model goes with Newtruck02. This has been test printed in ABS plastic (private) and works fine.
$16.81 by Enki-Saar
Express your love for mathematics and geometrical shapes by wearing this Tessellation Ring. Complex from afar because of the curly shape. Simple if...
$3.50 by ppoz
Necklace pendant in the form of a stylized number 18. From the front you see a 1 and from the side you see an 8. 18 is a special number Judaism, ...
$89.70 by ErrobaArt
18 Stylized leaved form a spiral, the center is slightly elevated for extra eye catching effect.